Trams Touted as Tourist Drawcard


NZ Herald reports:

Waterfront trams are being tipped as key Auckland tourist attractions, with a possible later benefit for public transport.

Although the Auckland Regional Council has no plans for a modern light rail network to serve commuters, its transport committee voted yesterday to press on with an investigation of potential tram routes through the Tank Farm to Britomart.

A staff feasibility report prepared after an approach by the Campaign for Better Transport and the Museum of Transport and Technology (Motat) said Auckland’s waterfront was a major destination and attraction for residents and visitors alike, and should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

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  1. Rail_up says:

    YES!!! Bring back trams. Good grief, why can people not see how efficient and useful trams are? Just look at cities like Melbourne and Sydney! There is hardly a place you can’t get to either via tram, rail or bus (to the outer areas).

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