Forum Guidelines, effective 02/12/2014

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Forum rules
Forum rules
Please be courteous and factual. Remember that it is entirely normal for others to disagree with you. Forum moderators reserve the right to restrict access in the event of offensive behaviour.
No commercial postings. This will result in user deletion.
Please stay on topic and remind other contributors to stay on topic.
No gratuitous profanity. "Gratuitous" is decided on a case by case basis.
Please report posts that you consider offensive instead of posting about it in the topic. Any comments regarding moderation should be confined to About This Forum.

Forum Guidelines, effective 02/12/2014

Postby Andrew » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:33 pm

CBT Forum Purpose

To foster intelligent discussion amongst professionals and interested parties in the transport community (in Auckland? or in NZ?) and to further the CBT's cause to deliver better transport alternatives for Auckland and NZ.

Forum Guidelines

In an endeavor to make and keep this Forum a pleasant place, for all members and visitors, we publish the following guidelines for the observance of all.

1) The majority of this forum is a place to discuss and debate transport matters. There is a Non-Transport Forum for non-transport discussion - please use it and don't pollute other parts of the forum with non-transport discussion/debate.

2) Please keep in mind whether the topic you are posting is relevant to Auckland, Wellington, North Island, South Island or the country as a whole. For example: a bill before parliament or a Ministry of Transport document would belong in the Nationwide Forum; whereas a post on the City Rail Link project would belong in the Auckland forum.

3) Please be courteous, factual and remember that it is entirely normal for others to disagree with you. Sometimes it may be possible to change the opinions of others through the strength of your argument, but sometimes it will not be possible to do this - the best thing you can do when coming across a topic where you irreconcilably disagree with someone is to accept that difference and move on. Not to flood the forum with a repetitious debate that is obviously never going to go anywhere. Threads that are clearly "going nowhere" except around in circles may be locked by Moderators.

4) Please do not troll the forum. A troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or disciplinary response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. Trolling activity will be warned, and if it persists trolls will be banned.

5) Please keep the language polite - it may seem like that isn't a big deal but it can make an enormous difference to the tone of a forum if people are polite to each other. Some posts and discussions may not be overtly offensive but, over time, may be detrimental to the overall health of the forum - these will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

6) Please try to stay on topic. If a conversation goes off topic please create a new thread and advise the moderators so that posts can be shifted over to the new thread.

7) Occasionally there may be a need to remove posts for legal reasons or because of an ongoing investigation which shouldn't be clouded by information in the public domain that perhaps shouldn't be there.

8) Personal abuse, hate speech or discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, occupation, or age, and any otherwise offensive posts are not acceptable on this forum.

9) No "Grandstanding".
Grandstanding is defined for the purposes of the forum as being repititous posts about the same viewpoint or raising the same subject, event, conspiracy theory, or similar. This forum is for intelligent discussion, not loud soapboxing.
Repeated postings which lead to circular arguments between members and/or repeated postings moderators determine to be excessively emotive will be seen to be a violation of this guideline.

10) Paid staff, list members, and current or recent (12 months) candidates of and for any political party, or anyone participating on this forum on instructions from any such person whether directly or indirectly, must disclose their political affiliations including position or candidacy in their profile signature. This is in addition to their obligations under the Electoral Finance Act.

Please inform Moderators of any spam ASAP - via PM if necessary.

If you are not sure what you intend to post is appropriate, please PM a moderator and ask.

Process for Problematic Users/Debates/Arguments

To avoid confusion and ad hoc responses to problematic situations the following process will be followed:

1) A Step 1 warning by a moderator either via PM or in the thread itself. This will explain the problem and provide a friendly reminder to stick to the forum guidelines. Informal warnings will be recorded by the moderators.

2) A Step 2 warning which includes a 24 hour ban. This will only be done after discussion amongst the moderators and will generally occur within a relatively short timeframe of the original warning, if there has an ongoing problem where the moderators feel such an action will be beneficial or where the issue is of a severity deserving such a response.

3) A permanent (or long term) ban. This will also only be implemented after discussion among the moderators and administrators or if the issue is of a very severe nature. Permanent bans will, exceptional circumstances aside, only be imposed on someone who has already had a 24 hour ban but hasn't changed their behaviour.

Hints and Tips

Posting Images
For those wishing to post pictures, please use a service like Photobucket to upload your photos to, and then link to them from here using the "Img" tag.

Posting Youtube Videos
The forum has been updated to allow the posting of Youtube videos. Here's how you do it:
Step One: Find your video and copy the unique part of the video's web address. For example the red bit in this URL:
Step Two: Paste the code, highlight it and click the "Youtube" button or put [ youtube] [ /youtube] tags (without the added space) around the code
Step Three: Enjoy video

Banned Topics

There are currently no banned topics (subject to earlier forum guidelines) but this list may be added to over time.


This update to the Forum Guidelines supercedes the 27/03/2013 version, which for archival purposes can be found here.

The announcement for the current guidelines can be found here.
The old guidelines supersceded on 14/07/2013 can be found here.
This thread is closed to replies. Any constructive comments you may have can be made on this thread.

Update 02/12/2014: New guideline 10, political disclosure.
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