Christchurch Trams - Submissions needed!

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Christchurch Trams - Submissions needed!

Postby willuknight » Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:58 pm

Boosting the signal, apologies if this has already been posted on here, I did a very quick glance without seeing it.At the moment there has been no budget to finish the tram extension - even though most of the track has been laid. Submissions close soon, please see the comments on this post for how to make a submission - 5minutes of your time is all it would take and they greatly need your support!

I hope you can help me with this I am seeking your help in putting in a public submission to Councils Annual plan to request funds be found in this year’s plan to complete the tram extension. If we don’t get the funds allocated (approx. $1m) it may be years before it gets back on the agenda. There has been no funds allocated in this year’s plan.

Your submission can be put in online and you there is no need to appear just tick the column which states you do not wish to appear. ... sultID=982

Submissions are due in by 22 April 2014 .

We touched on in our company submission

· Importance of tourism to Christchurch and the recovery.

· Tram reopening for partial loop has been a boost for city and tourist support.

· Locals use the trams through heavily discounted Annual passes for tram/Gondola.

· CCC need to finish what was started.

· It’s an important link for CBD hubs.

· 50 metres of track still to lay plus overhead.

Request that funds be allocated to close the tram loop as far as High and Manchester Streets and return via High St , Colombo St and Cathedral Square in this year’s plan.
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