hillside workshop turning into a house factory?

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hillside workshop turning into a house factory?

Postby mark » Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:59 am

For railway workshops such as Hillside workshop, or in the future Hutt Workshop, in danger of closing due to lack of contracts thanks to the outsourcing policy, would it be feasible for them to re-invent themselves as a house factory that build pre-fab or modular buildings to satisfy the housing shortage problem, and to prevent their closure?

Though one problem for the Hillside work is that housing demand at Otago is not excessive, so it is most likely that it will make modular houses (a house split in 2-3 parts, rather than the whole house as a single piece, and transport these modules by oversize trucks to the site (anywhere within Otago and Southland), or to Port of Otago, whether the modules will be transported by domestic ships to other places in New Zealand.

This kind of rail workshop has a sufficiently high factory to accomodate the pre-built houses, with lifting equipment. All it needs is to buy a production line such as:

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