Snapper Refute Allegations

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Snapper have responded to the alleged breaches of the Auckland integrated ticketing participation agreement with a press release available on Scoop.

On 18th June 2012, Snapper received a notice from Auckland Transport, alleging various breaches of the participation agreement and a claim for damages. The basis of these claims has not been clarified and the notice incorporates a number of significant errors and inaccuracies. Infratil and Snapper strongly refute the allegations made and we will make our response to the detailed claims known as appropriate.

The release contains a useful outline of the players involved, and also calls into question the readiness of another supplier, Parkeon.

Hop Card Legal Action

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As covered over at Transportblog, the lawyers have been called in in order to get Snapper to make their system fully compliant with the Hop system. Let’s hope this can be sorted out without further delay.

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