Airport Rail

There is widespread public support for a rail link to Auckland airport. The vision is to build a rail link from Onehunga to Auckland Airport and continue the loop back to the main trunk line via Puhinui Rd, in order to service not only airline passengers but the more than 10,000 workers who commute to the airport vicinity every day.

What isn’t so clear is what the next steps should be.

In late 2007, through Environment Court mediation, the Campaign for Better Transport negotiated with Transit and Manukau City to preserve a corridor for rail to the west of the newly widened motorway at Mangere Bridge.

Since then, no practical progress at all has been made in securing the necessary rail corridors. In the meantime, building developments are encroaching on available space, particularly along George Bolt Drive.

If rail to the airport is to have any chance of eventuating, then Manukau City Council, along with ARTA and KiwiRail, need to work together urgently to designate the rail corridor, before it is too late.

North Shore Rail

We have set up an “umbrella” campaign for rail to the North Shore. This is designed so that any person or organisation can support rail on the Shore.  Find out more at

Past Campaigns

Operation Lifesaver

The Campaign for Better Transport has proposed alternative options for a $1.7bn toll road between Puhoi and Wellsford to the Auckland Regional Council.

“The options we have put forward are far more cost effective, will save lives, and can be implemented far sooner than the current New Zealand Transport Agency proposal,” said Cameron Pitches, Convenor of the Campaign for Better Transport.

Based on work already done by the NZTA, alternative upgrade options have been costed at $160m – $320m. Both options include a bypass for Warkworth and significant safety upgrades for notorious accident black spots.

Between 2000 and 2009, 41 people have died on SH1 between Puhoi and Wellsford, most in head on collisions.

“Given that sections of the toll road won’t be completed until 2019 and 2022, the risk is the current poor safety record will continue, costing as many as 50 more lives based on current trends.

Northwestern Busway

NZTA are shortly about to commence work on widening the North Western motorway all the way from the Waterview to Te Atatu. Given the stunning success of the Northern Busway you would think it a no-brainer to designate some of the lanes as dedicated bus lanes.

Te Atatu MP Phil Twyford is leading the charge on this one, and is having some success.  Have a look at for the latest news.

Rail to Roskill

Show your support for the expansion of the rail network to Mt Roskill by signing our petition.

Garth Houltham is spearheading the campaign. Garth is a long time CBT member and a candidate for the Puketapapa Community Board in this year’s local body elections.

You can read more about rail to Mt Roskill here at Transport Blog.

Off-peak Group Passes

We believe that the price of weekend and off-peak public transport services is too high. For groups and families is the cheapest pass is $24 just for rail, which is an expensive option compared to using the car.  We aren’t asking for additional services.  For no additional cost we could have more people utilising buses, trains and ferries on weekends, simply by reducing the price of off-peak travel.

Meanwhile in Sydney the Family Funday Sunday is offered, where , for $2.50 per person, your family can enjoy a fun day out with unlimited travel on Sydney’s buses, trains, light rail and ferries every Sunday.

Hamilton – Auckland Rail

The CBT strongly supports the reintroduction of a commuter rail service between Hamilton to Auckland. Our Hamilton members spent a considerable amount of time on this campaign, but unfortunately we couldn’t get buy-in from central Government and consequently the local councils opted not to pursue this.

We haven’t given up hope though – the electrification of Auckland’s rail network will present another opportunity to push the case for rail to the Waikato.

City Rail Link

This project is of critical importance to the Auckland region.  It has wide-spread popular support, and the Auckland Council / MOT report confirms the rail tunnel is the best option. A useful backgrounder on the costs and benefits of the project is on the Auckland Transport Blog.

Waterfront Tram

We campaigned for trams and light rail to be considered as part of the new $2bn redevelopment of the old Tank Farm area on Auckland’s waterfront.

Working with the Museum of Transport and Technology, who have a number of working heritage trams at their popular Western Springs site, we presented to Auckland City Council, Auckland Regional Council and met with officials from the Sea+City project team and also Booz Allen, who are undertaking a review of the Te Wero bridge. Prior to these meetings we also met with Heart Of The City representatives to gain an understanding of their vision for the waterfront…more

Reopen Onehunga Rail


In 2006 we campaigned hard to reopen the dormant branch railway line between Onehunga and Penrose once again to passenger services… more

Say “No” to Bigger Trucks

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) is proposing a rule change that would allow larger trucks on New Zealand’s roads – causing enormous damage to our roading system, having significant adverse safety and environmental effects, and potentially undermining KiwiRail.

According to the NZTA, the rule change would:

  • increase the allowable overall length on certain types of vehicle configuration;
  • increase weight limits on certain axle sets;
  • allow vehicles to operate up to 44 tonnes with shorter first-to-last axle spacings than is currently allowed; and
  • allow “high-productivity motor vehicles” to operate at gross masses above 44 tonnes (for divisible loads).

More details can be found on our Say “No” to Bigger Trucks campaign page.

Action Stations

The aim of Action Stations was to ensure that Auckland’s planned public transport upgrades and improvements are guaranteed funding and proceed without delay. In particular, we wanted the Government to assure us that Auckland’s planned integrated ticketing, ferry terminal upgrades, rail electrification and railway station construction and improvements would all be completed without delay…more