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Photo of the day – Auckland’s First Parklet: Auckland Council/Transport have been very quiet about the installation the first Parklet in Auckland. It’s gone up at the very Northern end of Albert St, outside Movenpick. It looks great and the thing that struck me most was how much nicer the footpath felt due to its presence

The Wrong Buses: Since 2011, NZ Bus (who run the Link buses, Metrolink, North Star, Waka Pacific and GoWest) have purchased over 350 ADL Enviro200 buses for use – most of these in Auckland. These are the ones:   NZ Bus seem pretty proud of these buses – noting the following on their website: Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) [...]

NZTA/AT back down on East West Link – for now: An intriguing joint media release from NZTA and Auckland Transport emerged on Monday afternoon – highlighting a different approach to community consultation from the two transport agencies on the East West Link project going forward: The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport are asking community groups to help the two organisations find the best transport [...]

Jarrett Walker’s Auckland Conversations Talk: Last Friday Jarrett Walker spoke at an Auckland Conversations event about How will an integrated public transport network create a city for people? For those that didn’t attend, the talk is now available to watch online. It’s 72 minutes long but well worth it. Click on the image below to go to the Auckland Conversations page [...]

NZ Herald Transport News

Electric trains are coming your way: Ninety years after Auckland's leaders began hankering after electric trains in 1923, the city is poised to join the world of modern rail transport.The first of a 57-strong fleet of electric trains has been undergoing closed-track...

Ask Phoebe: Light at the end of the tunnel for western drivers: Q: Just recently, the new traffic lights on the interchange at Lincoln Rd on the Northwestern Motorway have been turned on. It is now taking up to three-quarters of an hour to access the motorway from Universal Drive, when previously...

Killer of jogger 'left a void that will never be filled': Matthew Kinghorn ripped the heart out of a family "and created a void that can never be filled" when he ran down a woman jogger with the intention of sexually assaulting her, a judge said today.Anne Elizabeth McCullough, 45, was...

Killing of jogger not brutal enough for maximum sentence: Matthew Kinghorn may well have mowed down a woman jogger with his car in slow motion with the intention of later raping her, but she died on the backseat of his car before he could do anything to her.For that and other reasons,...


NZ Links

Maxx : Information on Aucklands bus, rail and ferry services, including timetables and journey planner. You can also phone Rideline on 366-6400 for public transport schedules.

Get Across: If you’ve always wanted to ride your bike, walk or run across the Auckland Harbour Bridge, right now is the perfect time to make it happen. The outer lanes of the bridge (the “clipons”) are about to get a major upgrade, making it the perfect time to add cycle and walking lanes too. If we miss this opportunity, we might never get another chance to get across. So take a look around, tell us what you think and tell your friends about getacross.org.nz

Sustainable Business Network : The Sustainable Business Network is a forum for businesses that are interested in sustainable development practice.

Sustainable Energy Forum : The object of the Forum is to promote the transition toward sustainable energy in New Zealand. Great paper on how NZ should prepare for Peak Oil.

Transport 2000 (NZ) : Wellington sustainable transport campaigners, led by Brent Efford.

Jayride : Great ride sharing website with heaps of members and rides.

carshare.co.nz : Free website for organising carsharing to work or for longer journeys.

Walk Auckland : Charter of Walk Auckland ‘Walking is a fundamental human right’ Aim: To promote the rights of people to walk with independence, comfort and safety…

International Links

The Oil Drum: Forum for articles and discussion on peak oil and oil depletion.

Public Transport Users Association (Melbourne) : Founded in 1976, and based in Melbourne, the Public Transport Users Association is the recognised consumer organisation representing passengers of all forms of public transport.

The Campaign For Better Transport UK:  I think they took our name, but they are on to it!  Formerly Transport 2000.  Public transport advocates in the UK.

London Transport : Getting around London, Tube reports etc.

New Zealand Governmental Organisations

Auckland Transport : Auckland Transport is the subsidiary of Auckland Council that manages transport across all modes in the Auckland region.

KiwiRail: KiwiRail is a State Owned Enterprise and the backbone of New Zealand’s integrated transport network. Business units include freight, the InterIslander ferry and metro passenger services in Wellington.

NZTA : Central Government agency charged with planning and operating land transport in New Zealand, primarily the State Highway network.

Ministry of Transport: The Ministry of Transport is the Government’s main source of advice on transport policy, and is also the parent body for sub-agencies like Transfund New Zealand (funds road works and public transport), Transit New Zealand (builds motorways and rural state highways), and the Land Transport Safety Authority (LTSA, performs a range of safety functions). A deficiency of the Ministry’s structure is that it has no sub-agencies set up to cater for public transport or for cyclists and pedestrians in the same way that Transit caters for the motorway and the rural state highway. Admittedly, these functions are picked up to a certain extent by bodies outside the Ministry of Transport like EECA and Safekids.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA): EECA is a government agency set up to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

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