Newmarket Gets On Board the Waikato Express

Media Release from the Newmarket Business Association

Kiwirail’s proposed daily passenger rail service from Auckland to Hamilton would be great as the Hamilton CBD pushes for reinvigoration and economic growth,” says an Auckland business leader.

“Waikato needs to cash in on Auckland’s huge projected population. It needs to start feeding off it as well as feeding into it. According to Statistics New Zealand the Auckland region is growing by the size of Hamilton City about every four years and will be home to two million people by about 2030,” says Cameron Brewer, head of the Newmarket Business Association.

“Hamilton should aim to be the number one dormitory town for Auckland given its proximity and the fact that its living costs are so much less. Over the coming decades, Auckland will struggle to accommodate a lot of working people at an affordable rate. For many, it might be economically and logistically more viable to live in Hamilton and catch the train, than live on the outskirts of the Auckland region and drive.”

“Waikato should also work on being playground for Aucklanders. In the past 20 years Wairarapa has focused on the Wellington market which has been hugely positive for Wairapapa’s economic development and brand. A lot of people now live in the Wairarapa and work in Wellington, or live and work in Wellington yet play in the Wairarapa. Waikato should now do the same.”

“At the moment the congestion on the southern motorway is what stops a lot of inter-regional commuting. A reliable and regular train service would overcome that handbrake. A train connection which has the potential to be electrified and only get faster and more frequent, would be great for both regions’ needs,” says Mr Brewer.

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