Environment Waikato Faces Pressure Over Waikato Rail

Media Release 28th April, 14:00

Environment Waikato will receive a petition this Thursday asking for a commuter rail service between Hamilton and Auckland to be included in its Annual Plan.

Signed by over 11,500 people, The Campaign for Better Transport petition has already been presented to central Government for consideration. However, campaign manager Jon Reeves says it is important for Environment Waikato to take a proactive stance.

“Environment Waikato need to take a proactive stance on this issue” said Mr Reeves. “They are charged with organising public transport in the Waikato area. Rather than simply sitting on the fence, the council needs to advocate and engage with the Government to get the service up and running in time for the Rugby World Cup. A good start would be to meet with local government MPs and instruct them to publicly support the service”.

Environment Waikato’s Annual Plan currently makes no mention of a Waikato to Auckland rail service, in spite of a favourable report on the idea which the organisation received over a year ago. The report confirmed the economic benefits of a rail link for the Waikato region.

The petition will be supplemented by the presentation of 500 personalised postcards to Environment Waikato councillors.

Submissions on Environment Waikato’s Annual Plan close this Friday. Mr Reeves is urging the public to make personal submissions in support of Waikato trains by emailing

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