$1m Budget to Publicise Hop Card

The Herald has run a story on the name of the upcoming integrated ticket:

Auckland Transport is calling a new electronic ticket for seamless travel on buses, trains and ferries the Hop Card, and has approved a $1 million budget to publicise it.

It refuses to confirm the name until launching an awareness campaign late next month for the $98 million card, although chief operating officer Fergus Gammie has assured Auckland Council’s transport committee that the region’s public transport brand would be prominent on it.

We actually started a competition yesterday to come up with a name – it’s here on our ideas forum if you are interested.

It would have been great if there was a public competition to name the card, but in the end the main thing is that we get a card that works across all operators and the fare system is made a lot simpler to understand, without penalties for transfers.

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