Tram Tracks Being Laid

The Herald reports on the progress of the new tram tracks begin laid at what will be the new Wynyard Quarter.

Trams are expected to run on Auckland’s waterfront by August in an $8 million project which saw the first modest section of tracks laid this week.

As well as securing a lease of two heritage trams from a museum in Bendigo, Victoria, the Auckland Waterfront Development Agency also hopes to borrow an electric light-railcar for demonstration purposes during the Rugby World Cup.

The trams will run clockwise on a 1.5km circuit of Wynyard Quarter – between Jellicoe, Halsey, Gaunt and Daldy Sts – to draw visitors to the developing precinct and to provide them with on-board information about its attractions…

It is fantastic (and a little surreal) to see the idea that the CBT pitched to the ARC in 2008 is actually becoming a reality.  A demonstrator for a modern light rail vehicle which could run on the same track is an excellent idea too – hopefully the start of our future light rail network.

Tracks laid on the corner of Helsey and Gaunt Sts, courtesy "Feijoa" on our forum.

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