Election 2011: The Future of Auckland’s Transport

The Campaign for Better Transport has invited the main political parties in the forthcoming general election to tell us their vision for the future of transport in Auckland.  Confirmed speakers for the public meeting include:

  • David Bennett, MP (National)
  • Shane Jones, MP (Labour)
  • Gareth Hughes, MP (Greens)
  • Don Brash (ACT)
  • Colin Craig (Conservatives)

The event is being held on Thursday 10th November, 7:00pm at the Pioneer Women’s and Ellen Melville Hall, Freyberg Place, Auckland Central.

Space is strictly limited – reserve your place by getting your free ticket from http://bettertransportnov11.eventbrite.com/

Each speaker will be given 10 minutes to explain their party’s stance on all modes of transport and issues that affect the Auckland region in particular.

We are requesting each speaker address the following two issues within their speech:

1. What does your party believe to be the best way to allocate centrally-held funds to different transport modes (road/rail/sea/active) and why.

2. What does your party propose to do over the next three years to improve transport in Auckland?

It should be a great night! Again space is limited and you will need a ticket to get in. Go to http://bettertransportnov11.eventbrite.com/ to secure your ticket now.

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