Make a Submission to Support the CBD Rail Link

There are a plethora of plans out at the moment for public consultation, but there is one in particular that better transport advocates need to submit on in particular.

It is the Regional Land Transport Programme – this lists all the planned transport activities for the next three years and is used to prioritise applications for government funding through the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Submissions are very much a numbers game. If there isn’t strong support for projects as vital as the City Rail Link then the chances of it getting funded diminish severely.

It is easy to make a submission, you can do it online right here. Complete the section titled Your details and then go to section 8 to provide your submission on the RLTP. All the other sections are optional.

There is a general lack of understanding as to why the City Rail Link is necessary, but in short it is vital to avoid the entire rail network from getting congested at Britomart.

Other areas poorly represented in the RLTP are:

  • Dedicated cycling lanes
  • Support for pedestrian safety improvements
  • Extension of light rail from Wynyard to Britomart and beyond
  • Avondale – Southdown rail link
  • Improved connectivity between bus, ferry and rail services
  • Northwestern Busway
  • The need to reduce our dependency on ever more expensive oil

Submissions close 4:00pm Friday 23rd March.  Please take a minute to show your support for better transport.

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