CBT Endorses Findings of Transport Funding Study

Media release from the Campaign for Better Transport

The Campaign for Better Transport today welcomed the findings of the Consensus Building Group (CBG), which found that a decision on using road pricing as a funding source will need to be made by 2015 if heavier transport congestion in Auckland is to be avoided.

“Auckland will require a significant amount of transport infrastructure in the coming decades, and it is clear that it will not be viable in the long term to rely on the status quo of increases to rates and nationwide fuel taxes as principal funding sources,” said spokesperson Cameron Pitches.

“There was a consensus from the CBG that Aucklanders are willing to pay for their fair share of new transport infrastructure. Some form of road pricing will enable Aucklanders to do that.

“Road charges can be varied according to the time of day, so there is a side benefit that demand from single occupant cars, which are the main source of congestion at peak times, can be managed.

However, Mr Pitches warned that a consequence of any form or road pricing would be to shift more people on to public transport.

“We need to have that capacity in place first for road pricing to be effective,” concludes Mr Pitches.

The Campaign for Better Transport recently endorsed the Congestion Free Network plan, which progressively implements an integrated public transport network over the next 15 years.

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