Government Still Refusing to Fund CRL Early

As this article in the NZ Herald shows, the Government continues to make excuses instead of funding the City Rail Link.

The targets that the Government has set as a prerequisite for funding the City Rail Link are bogus, hypocritical and simply an excuse for inaction.

No prerequisite employment target has been set for Northland before the Puhoi to Warkworth toll road is built. There was no requirement for traffic volumes to double on SH1 into Wellington before the Government signed a multi-billion dollar public private partnership for the Transmission Gully project.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges needs to realise that Auckland’s transport problems are primarily caused by too many single occupant cars using the road at the same time.

A mass rapid transit solution is required to deliver more people to where they want to go at peak times, not only to the CBD but all over Auckland. As the City Centre Future Access Study showed, no other option will do that as effectively as the City Rail Link. It is time for Government to quit making excuses and to fund the City Rail Link sooner.