Poll Shows Most Want More Spent on Public Transport

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The WWF have released a Colmar Brunton public opinion poll which shows seven out of ten New Zealanders want to see more Government money going to fund public transport improvements. The release goes on to say:

Only 1 percent of total land transport spending is allocated to new and improved public transport.

In Auckland the rate is even higher with 78 percent of people in agreement that the government should spend a greater percentage of its Land Transport Budget on improved public transport infrastructure in major urban areas or cities over the next decade.

“The Roads of National Significance and other roading projects are currently gobbling the lion’s share of government transport money, when what New Zealanders want is more investment to make public transport in cities better,” says WWF-New Zealand Climate and Energy Advocate Lee Barry.

“The futility of building more roads is not lost on Kiwis – they know fuel prices will rise and new roads will not help them.”

In the survey they point out that new or improved road infrastructure accounts for 59% of total government spending over the next decade, while new or improved public transport infrastructure accounts for 1.1%.  The chart for the current year looks like this:

NLTF spending for 2011/12

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Transport A Major Election Issue

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Media Release from the Campaign for Better Transport

The Campaign for Better Transport is picking transport to be a major issue in the forthcoming election. The organisation is hosting a public meeting where the main political parties will be given the opportunity to explain what they intend to do over the next three years to improve transport, particularly in Auckland.

Spokesperson Cameron Pitches says he hopes the meeting will cover wide range of transport issues, but a key role of central Government is administering the $2.8bn annual fuel tax revenue in a “sensible and realistic” manner.

“Current Goverment policy limits just 0.8% of that revenue stream for public transport infrastructure projects. We think that the huge growth in numbers of people using buses and rail in Auckland in recent years justifies a bigger percentage than this,” says Mr Pitches.

Pitches describes the meeting as a unique opportunity for the public to show their support for intiatives such as the CBD rail link and more immediate alternatives to the costly $1.7bn toll road between Puhoi and Wellsford.

“It is our view that in Auckland the CBD rail link is absolutely vital to the continued growth in rail patronage. Other options such as a bus tunnel won’t overcome this, especially given electrification will make commuting by rail even more popular than currently.”

The meeting is to be held on Thursday 10th November, 7:00pm at the Ellen Melville Hall, Freyberg Place in central Auckland.

Confirmed speakers for the public meeting include:

  • David Bennett, MP (National)
  • Shane Jones, MP (Labour)
  • Gareth Hughes, MP (Greens)
  • Don Brash (ACT)
  • Colin Craig (Conservatives)

Each speaker will be given 10 minutes to explain their party’s stance on all modes of transport and issues that affect the Auckland region in particular. Audience members will be invited to ask questions after all speakers have presented their policies.

The meeting is open to all members of the public, however as space is limited free tickets should be obtained through http://bettertransportnov11.eventbrite.com/ to guarantee a seat.



Looking closer at Operation Lifesaver:


CBD Bus Tunnel:


Sustainable City Showcase November 9th

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The Sustainable Business Network is hosting the Sustainable City Showcase at Shed 10, Queens Wharf on Wednesday November 9th:

  • 7 to 9am –Conscious Consumer Commuter Challenge. FREE coffee for commuters on foot, bike, boat, bus or train.
  • 12pm to 2pm – Great food available from the farmers market and Cafés
  • 5pm to 7pm – Green Drinks

Those that come to the breakfast between 7-9 will get a FREE fairtrade Kokako or Atomic Coffee,

Plus delicious sustainable food on sale all day from Ripe Deli, Cosset, the Library Café, Little Bird, French crepes, Paris Berlin Organic Bakery.  There is an organic meat barbeque, mussel fritters, gluten free and vegan food, and a whole Farmers Market to do some early morning shopping.

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