Newmarket Missing Link

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Geoff_184 has an excellent sequence of videos that clearly demonstrate the impact of the “missing link” at the new Newmarket station.

As Geoff explains, two western line SA sets, one arriving from Britomart into platform 1, followed by another departing platform 2/3 for Britomart. The latter train had a six minute wait at the station because although it had been ready to depart two or three minutes earlier, it had to wait for the inbound train to clear the single track.

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Newmarket “Lost” Rail Track

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With Newmarket due to open this week, the Herald covers the forum discussion topic that raises the issue of the missing link between the Southern and the Western line.

The junction has been reconfigured in conjunction with the Auckland Regional Transport Authority’s $35 million construction of the station, which Transport Minister Steven Joyce will formally open on Thursday, before trains start using it next Monday.

KiwiRail says that as it gained a better understanding of the transport authority’s timetable needs for passenger services, it decided a third rail link between the station and the western line was not required on any day-to-day basis.

“It was determined that this link was a ‘nice to have’ as opposed to a ‘need to have’ as there are enough alternative traffic routes through the junction without it,” a spokeswoman said.

The state-owned corporation’s decision to drop the link was disclosed in a Campaign for Better Transport online discussion forum rather than its own project website, which incorrectly shows the original plan.

There’s a map or two over at the forum.

Newmarket Station Open Day This Saturday

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The $35 million Newmarket Station will be open to the public this Saturday, reports The New Zealand Herald:

Although KiwiRail has yet to complete a reconfiguration of tracks at Newmarket Junction before passenger trains start calling at the station on January 18, the building itself has been largely finished in time for tomorrow’s open day from 11am until 3pm.

Its focal point is a 1000sq m covered concourse built 5m above three sets of railway tracks, where passengers will converge from four entrances before using escalators, lifts or stairs to reach platforms below.

Each of the four “island” platforms is 180m long, almost four times the reach of Newmarket’s Olympic-size swimming pool.

Pt Chev – Newmarket Service Extended

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Point Chevalier residents can now catch a direct bus to Newmarket between 7 – 9am and back again between 3pm – 6.10pm on weekdays, starting on the 1st November.

The service is in addition to its regular hourly service operating between 9.15am – 5.45pm on Saturdays.

Scott Macarthur, the director of Macarthur Buslines, says the changes are primarily directed at students so that they can use the existing service to travel to and from school. The new 3.10pm and 3.50pm service will however offer a further option for employees or shoppers in Newmarket who are wanting to get back to Kingsland or Pt Chevalier.

The move is supported by the Newmarket Business Association.

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Newmarket Gets On Board the Waikato Express

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Media Release from the Newmarket Business Association

Kiwirail’s proposed daily passenger rail service from Auckland to Hamilton would be great as the Hamilton CBD pushes for reinvigoration and economic growth,” says an Auckland business leader.

“Waikato needs to cash in on Auckland’s huge projected population. It needs to start feeding off it as well as feeding into it. According to Statistics New Zealand the Auckland region is growing by the size of Hamilton City about every four years and will be home to two million people by about 2030,” says Cameron Brewer, head of the Newmarket Business Association.

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Pt Chev to Newmarket Bus

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Scott Macarthur’s Pt Chev to Newmarket service is now running week days.
In the morning services leave to Pt Chevalier at 7.05am, 7.45am, 8.30am.
In the afternoon services leave Newmarket at 4.30pm, 5.18pm, 6.10pm.

Those wanting to travel from Point Chevalier to Newmarket currently need to catch the 045 service and then transfer at Karangahape Road. The total cost of such a journey is $4.80. Macarthur Buslines offers a direct route to Newmarket for $3.20 – saving you time and money!

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Pt Chev – Newmarket Bus

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As reported in the Herald, Scott Macarthur has started a weekend only bus service between Pt Chev and Newmarket.  From Pt Chev, the service runs Pt Chev / Meola / Moa / Gt North Road, before crossing under the motorway to run along Levona / Fourth Ave / New North Rd / View Rd / Mountain Rd / Khyber Pass / Broadway.

Pt Chev - Newmarket Weekender

The east-bound timetable is here in PDF form: Pt Chev – Newmarket East Timetable.  The west-bound timetable is here.  We wish Scott all the best with this service, it is great to see an independent giving it a go.

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