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Hi all,

Cameron has asked me to assist with creating a frequently updated transport blog for this site. It is quite an honour in many ways and I shall do my best to blog here as regularly as I can. I have kept up a blog largely dedicated to Auckland’s transport over the past 6 months at , and some of the posts that pop up here will also pop up there.

My goal for this blog is not to necessarily analyse every single article relating to transport that appears in the media, nor to be simply an outlet for my frustrations (or dreams) with and about Auckland’s transport system.  Rather, I guess it’s a mixture of keeping people up to date with the activities of the Campagin for Better Transport (something I imagine Cameron will do most of), sharing information about the changes and developments of transportation in Auckland and inserting some of my own opinions on what’s going on in Auckland.

There will be a focus on public transport, as essentially the goal of the Campaign for Better Transport is to advocate for improved public transport, walking and cycling in the Auckland region. However, roads won’t be completely ignored in my posts, as – whether we like it or not – they do carry the vast majority of people travelling in and around Auckland.

I don’t claim to be an ultimate expert on transport in Auckland, but I think that my opinions are generally quite reasonable and well thought out. I do strongly believe that Auckland’s transport system needs a significant revolution over the next decade or two because of the effects of increasing congestion, peak oil and climate change. This is an exciting time for Auckland’s transport. Let’s be part of the change.

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