New Concept for Orakei Development

Architect Andrew Patterson has been brought on board to redesign plans for the Orakei peninsula, incorporating the Orakei railway station.

An article on says the concept envisages 670 apartments of varying sizes in blocks up to eight storeys high, public plazas, a waterfront pier, circuit walkway, offices and retail space, cafes and restaurants, a creche and a gymnasium.

Orakei Residents Society president Warren Tuohey says it is the best proposal he’s seen so far.

“Frankly this is the first of all the drawings and proposals that have been put in front of us that we could get excited, or mildly excited with,” he says…

Kerry Knight of Equinox stressed it is just a concept, with a lot more work needed before they can apply for a private plan change.

“Density is a huge argument and it’s related to traffic,” he says.

It will be interesting to see if the vision survives through to the implementation.

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