Fast-track the CBD loop campaign

A new group has been created called “Fast-track the CBD loop“, and will launch on Monday 26th July at Britomart. They say:

The CBD Rail Loop is a crucial part of the solution to Auckland’s transport woes, and one which should be pushed ahead as quickly as possible. Transforming Britomart from a terminus to a through station will unlock the capacity of the rail network across the region – allowing it to carry more passengers, with greater reliability and frequency of services.

The CBD Rail Loop is also an essential first step toward other important extensions of the rail network – such as a rail link to Auckland Airport, the North Shore and from South to West Auckland. It will also transform the Auckland Central Business District, bringing thousands more people and jobs into the area.

Our Fast-Track the CBD Rail Loop campaign aims to raise public awareness to get a greater sense of urgency towards this project from central and local government and the needed investment.

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