Letter of the Week

The Weekend Herald’s letter of the week is from Frank Hoffmann, and it sums up the current situation on transport funding:

Transport Minister Steven Joyce should remember his Government has usurped Auckland’s planned method of funding transport.

A surcharge on motor fuel was designed to make the road-user contribute a fair share towards the cost of public transport, which would ease pressure on roads.

After he deprived Auckland of its source of revenue, it is therefore ironic and audacious to demand that it pay an even greater share towards the overdue development of its transport needs. How?

Auckland has at last shown a willingness to break out of its hitherto timid approach with a bold plan. But a crafty ploy passed control into Government hands and forces Auckland to approach Wellington with a begging bowl.

Every detail is subject to scrutiny by people miles away, and approved if it does not conflict with the minister’s love of road building.

This outdated bias is based on a blind faith that building more roads will fix problems created by building more roads.

Love the last bit.

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