Where has the Family Rail Pass Gone?

The new AT Hop card is finally being rolled out on October 28th, but what is happening with the Family Pass?

The Maxx website is still advertising the $24 daily pass:

Unlimited train travel. Available after 9.00am on weekdays and anytime on the weekends and public holidays. Family consists of 1 adult and up to 5 children or 2 adults and up to 4 children travelling together. (Note: the group must include at least one child aged under 16 without ID, or between 16 and 19 years with a valid Student ID card)

But associated with the rollout, this is now only available from manned stations – Britomart, New Lynn and Newmarket. You can’t get the ticket from the new Thales vending machines.

This is ridiculous – no family will be able to afford a day out by train.

And this policy disadvantages any family that doesn’t live near the three stations mentioned. For instance a family of 5 wanting to travel from the new Manukau Station to Britomart return will have to pay  ($6.80 x 2) + ($4 x 3) = $25.60 x 2 = $51.20 return!  The same family of 5 going from Britomart to Manukau return could get the $24 family pass.

Incidentally, Sydney offers the Family Funday Sunday where,  for $2.50 per person, your family can enjoy a fun day out with unlimited travel on Sydney’s buses, trains, light rail and ferries every Sunday.

Come on Auckland Transport – please sort this out by the time the Santa Parade comes to town.


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