Submission on the Government Policy Statement 2012

The Ministry of Transport is asking for feedback on proposed changes to the Government Policy Statement 2012, which sets out funding allocations for various activity classes.

Of primary concern is that public transport infrastructure funding is to be cut from an already measly 1.8% of the current land transport budget, to just 0.7% by 2021.

Our submission is broken into the following sub-sections:

  • Background – current transport situation and trends
  • Future transport challenges
  • Comment on the Roads of National Significance
  • Comment on local roads funding
  • Comment on public transport funding
  • Comment on the funding bands generally
  • Future expenditure targets
  • Suggestions about structure and additional information
  • Conclusion and recommendations

Generally, the CBT considers that the GPS needs to be significantly amended in order to achieve its stated goals of boosting economic growth and productivity. At the very least, the GPS needs to articulate more clearly how its investment will achieve the stated goals, while consideration of future risks facing the transport sector (particularly from rising fuel prices) should be outlined.

Our full submission is here. Feedback closes on Friday 27 May 2011, 5pm. Send yours to

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