When The Bus Fails to Arrive

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting at a wet bus stop for a bus that never arrives.  That happened this morning to me with the 024.

I probably should complain to the Maxx call centre but I really can’t be bothered, because:

  • I have to wait for 10 days before I get a response
  • I can predict the answer – late running for the previous service, driver sick etc, etc.
  • There is no confirmation that the problem won’t happen again

What I really want is some kind of compensation for the inconvenience. I’m aware that bus operators are financially penalised for a late running service, but this doesn’t help the hapless commuter that is half an hour late for work. Penalties are paid to Auckland Transport – wouldn’t it be better if the actual customers were compensated?

With the advent of the Hop card and the ability to top up online, surely now there is the ability to compensate the people that are inconvenienced by the delay or no-show of a service.  I’m thinking a flat rate of $5 should just about cover it, credited to my Hop card from Auckland Transport. This will incentivise people to phone in and complain, and hopefully we can even get some stats on the number of complaints and the amount of compensation paid to customers.

In the monthly reports, bus operators and Auckland Transport and the bus operators claim 99% reliability, so let’s see them put their money where their mouth is.

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