$87,000 bus stop debate rumbles on

From the Herald:

The question of where buses should stop in a North Shore town centre has taken five years of study and cost ratepayers more than $87,000.

And it looks like the site for the Browns Bay bus stops won’t be settled for some time yet following a row between East Coast Community Board and North Shore City Council’s infrastructure and environment committee.

Board chairman Robert Cooper told councillors he was “shocked and fuming” over the committee’s decision to lengthen the existing stop in Clyde Rd so it could take two buses at a time.

“The community board and the Browns Bay Business Association are totally opposed to Clyde Rd becoming a bus station,” he said.

“But the committee has disregarded that view and also disregarded the council’s 2005 Strategic Transport Study in choosing to endorse officers’ plans based on questionable assumptions.

“It sounds like a case of, ‘we know what’s best for you’ … we prefer a purpose-built station 20m off the road.” … more

This is the first time I’ve heard of this issue – does anyone out there have more info on this?

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