Security On Bridge Ramped Up For Protest

The Herald reports:

Walkers and cyclists planning a protest crossing of Auckland Harbour Bridge on Sunday morning will find it defended by a new security fence as well as by police.

The Transport Agency, which has put up the 1.8m fence this week along the Curran St on-ramp, is also concerned that schools have been among recipients of a mass email invitation by the Getacross Campaign to “a public walk/cycle” over the Waitemata.

The agency said yesterday that it had emailed almost 50 schools believed to have received the invitation, to warn them off on safety grounds… [more]

I would urge people to turn up to Pt Erin at 9:00am Sunday 24th May regardless. Even if we don’t get to walk across the bridge, a strong turnout will demonstrate to the NZTA that the issue of equality for pedestrians and cyclists is one that needs to be addressed.

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